I call Him Father


You hear my prayer, You hear my cry
The prayers of an orphan You will not deny
You know my heart and You know my deeds
So how can I hide from Your amazing love


It's by Your mercy, it's by Your grace
I'm no longer an orphan without a home
You call me daughter and You call me
OhFather, I'm so thankful that 
You call me by name


I shall be satisfied
When I awake in Your likeness
I shall be satisfied
When I awake in Your presence


I thank You Lord for drawing me close
I can't imagine a life without You
To be in Your presence - In Your loving embrace
Father, I am longing for Your touch once again


©1995 Emily Walker

Set me free

I looked for peace and I looked for love
Chasing the shadows of my dreams
I fought the lies but I held the hurt
Telling me I was a fool

You came and said that I am Yours
You promised me so much more


I could have ended it all that day
To carry on or to throw it away
But I closed my eyes and prayed: set me free

I love You, I need You
I long for You in my life

If you want to know why I trust Him this way
Take a look at my life and you will say:

He set you free


He loves you, He made you
He gave His life for you.

©2010 Emily Walker

His most precious gift


Today I give to you my heart, my soul, my life
And bind it all within God's love for you and
A never ending well of happiness and affection
From where our love can grow

In His tender love and care


So let us live our lives in love
And thank the Lord above
For we have His most precious gift
In our love for one another


All this I offer freely 
and hope you understand
Your love to me is everything 
That I shall ever need 
So I pray to God to bless me 
and bind your heart to mine
That we may live forever 
in His tender love and care


©1998 Emily & Greig Walker




There is a love


There is a love - it asks not why
It freely gives through sacrifice
It's a perfect love, makes no demand
It reaches out - till you are found


God revealed His love, through His Son
Jesus Christ, the Holy One
This gift of love from heaven came
It broke chains of guilt and shame
And it was love, the highest love
When Jesus came and died on the cross


We are saved, yes, we are saved
Amazing love, by His grace we are saved

Through His blood our sins are washed away
Amazing love, by His grace we are saved


Greater love has no one than this:
Than one laid down his life for his friends


©2001 Emily Walker


True love

Day by day you wait for that letter
To bring a smile to your face  
You’re helplessly in love, touched by another
With emotions that words cannot say
One word or one touch can set your heart in motion
And you’re amazed by the things you would do
You paint your heart with the colours of the rainbow
And your thoughts with the fragrance of sweet dreams
Love is a strange thing and it’s hard to explain
But we were made to love another
Love is in the giving and not in the taking
This is the mystery of true love

Sometimes it happens and sometimes it’s broken
It may be right, it may be wrong
You may have given much and nothing in return 
You may be broken but love carries on

©1996 Emily Walker





Whenever I call upon Name
You are sure to be there
I feel no shame knowing You
‘Cause I know You truly care

Some friends will go and some will stay
But only You always, always remain
What you want is the best for me
You opened my eyes that I may see

This is what true love means
That He should give His life to die for me
This is what true love means
I can forever be with Him

Whenever I know I need a friend
You are sure to be there
When I know I need a shoulder to lean on
You are there for me

©1994 Emily Walker




It’s early in the morning and the sun has arisen
I look out of my window to see the morning sky
I can hear the birds are singing and cars passing by
God, I’m glad You’re here


This is not the first time nor will it be the last
I remember the midnight hours just being where You are
I couldn’t help but be awake
‘Cause I know You are here to stay


I know there are many ways to live this life of mine
I can go by the way of the world and live a compromise
I can wait till the day I die and hope for the best
Or to choose a way I know, where life begins at death


Many may think I am crazy and may not understand
Why I can be sure my God will see me to the end
But I’ll tell you now and I’ll tell you again and again              
I will choose no other way
Then the way He has planned for me:


All the years I’ve know Him He has never let me down
My life is safe and secure in His mighty hand
This is my one decision I will never regret
He’s everything I live for 
I’ll choose Him again and again


©1996 Emily Walker




From the depth of my heart came the crying
My hands raised to touch the Sun
Rising from the ashes


For His hands to touch my soul

Lifted from the waters
My hands raised to touch the Sun
From the depth of my soul came the longing
To walk the streets of gold


Arise - arise


Beauty for ashes
My hands raised to touch the Sun
With my garment of praise and rejoicing
I'm lifted once again


Arise - arise


Beauty for ashes, hands raised up
With my garment of praise
I am lifted high



©2011 Emily Walker


Love will find a way

Why is it hard to believe? 
One man's death on Calvary
There is a God we cannot see
Yet He died for you and me

He gave us His life
He gave us His love
He is calling, calling you

Sometimes it's hard to understand
The price that was paid by this one man
But just like the thief on Calvary
We have been promised eternity

He can break the chains that bind you
Take away the fears that hold you
Be your strength in times of trouble
Be your comfort in times of sorrow
Love will find the way

©2009 Emily Walker

You in my life


As I close my eyes I know it's You standing there
A glimpse of Your glory I fall down on my knees
I humble myself to worship at Your feet and cry:
Holy, holy is the Lord


Time and time again I know it's You waiting there
No more pretending I come just as I am
no where to hide from Your loving hands
I know, I know I need You in my life


Forgive me for the things I have said and done
after childish ways to satisfy the one
But now the time has come for me to say:

Good bye to you old man -
I’m starting a brand new day!
With my Father – His love
to me is great
And His mercy – covers all my hate


How can I begin to say that I need You in my life
Your steadfast love for me causes me to cry:
You are my Lord, You are my Lord
I know, I know I need You in my life


©1991 Emily Walker

Child of grace

Whenever I hold you in my arms, 
I feel the love of God
Whenever I hear you cry, 
I long to comfort you
And I come to understand 
God's grace and love for me
Forever you will be - My child of grace

Lord, we lift this child to You 
and make our promise now
To show her of Your love 
and the promise of Your Son
We will share Your joy with her, 
in everything we do
For the glory of Your name - 
She's our child of grace

The Lord is my God and He has given me
This precious gift of life and forever you will be
O forever you will be - My child of grace

©2007 Emily & Greig Walker


For KL & HW


I desire to love you forever
To treasure you so deeply and to hold you for life
I may not have riches, may not have fame
But I love you with a passion and a heart without shame


Many waters cannot quench our love
God has joined us together in unity and love
Together we’ll find a purpose for joining us as one
I will love you, I’ll share my life with you
And I’m devoted to you for the glory of His love
He made you, He made me to join together in unity

One of love, one of joy for all eternity
I desire to give you all I have to give
We will live this life together
And build a household of faith.


©1998 Emily Walker




I have come to tell you a story - 
a story to be told 
How Jesus made a difference 
To a life without a hope
I have come to the end of the rainbow 
I couldn’t fight anymore
It seems like I have everything and nothing at all

He found me there lead me home
To the place where I belong
With a love and hope so strong
If I lose, if I gain, 
Jesus knows my joy, my pain
He’s the Giver of my life

We are on a simple journey
To be what we should be
A shining light in the darkened sky
For all the world to see
We may not have fame or fortune
It comes and goes so fast
But what we have is a precious gift - 
an everlasting life

©2002 Emily Walker



Have you ever stopped to wonder?  
theGod you couldn’t see
How He comforts and delivers and 
He meets your every need
As you look back behind you
You could see His gracious hands
He has been there
He has been there like a faithful friend


Many times you have wondered 
Am I walking all alone?
Is there no one there to guide me?  
No one to lead me home?
But when you feel His presence 
You know He’s by your side
He has been there, He has been there
Every moment of your life
He’s the Lord of new beginnings 
The first, the last is He
He’s the one
whobring new seasons 
A hope for you and me
He’s the alpha and omega
The Anchor of our lives
His love it has no limit
He’s there for you


©2001 Emily Walker



Emily Walker 


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